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For those of you who like a mix of modern and traditional, this is for you. Inspired by the traditional style parlour guitars, I decided to add my own touch to it and give it a nice modern look. Half way between a parlour and a OO guitar in therm of size, it earned it self the name Parl"oo"r. Keeping it jointed at the 12th like the old traditional ones, coupled with a satin oil finish, gives it a nice feel to it. With one of the shortest scale used on guitars, you just can't get tired of playing on it. It's compact size makes it easy to travel with and just feels natural on you while you play it. With it's balanced sound, it just blends right in the mix. Reinforced with laminated sides to allow a better interaction between the back and the top, this also gives it a solid rim for a better stability. 

Parl"oo"r KP

    • Année de fabrication: 2018
    • Type de joint de caisse: Tenon droit jointé à la 12e frette
    • Type de finition: Fini à l'huile satiné
    • Dos/éclisses: Ovangkol (Shedua)
    • Table d'harmonie: Épinette Sitka
    • Manche: Acajou
    • Touche: Ébène
    • Plaque de tête: Ébène
    • Incrustation de tête : Nickel
    • Profile de manche: D
    • Largeur de manche au sillet: 44mm
    • Matériel de sillet: Os
    • Épaisseur 1er frette: 21,5mm
    • Épaisseur 9e frette: 25,1mm
    • Matériel de frette: Acier inoxydable
    • Radius de touche: 16 pouces
    • Renfort de manche: Truss rod double action
    • Pont : Ébène
    • Marqueur de frettes: Marqueur de côté
    • Clefs: Gotoh 510 Cosmo Black 
    • Pickguard: Non
    • Pickup: en option
    • Grosseur de cordes: 12-53 Sonotone
    • Longeur de corde: 24,5 pouces
    • Longueur de caisse: 474mm
    • Largeur aux épaules: 253mm
    • Largeur du grand lobe: 336mm
    • Longeur totale: 964 mm
    • Case: Boblen Noir (en option)
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