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Embedded within the most prominent hubs of innovation in luthiery, the Collective is a space that fosters innovation in techniques, materials, and design.

Innovative techniques

At Collectif de la Corde, design is a shared interest among all. Our collaborative environment allows members to seek feedback from about twenty colleagues on their sketches, drawings, and prototypes when creating new models. This is one of the reasons why Collectif de la Corde offers a wide variety of instruments with careful and unique designs.

In order to improve speed and consistency in guitar manufacturing, members of the Collective are constantly searching for innovative techniques. Several specialized tools designed by the members are made available to everyone to continually enhance the quality level of the instruments offered to our customers.

We are sensitive to constant developments and new approaches in the world of modern luthiery. Several tests are conducted with alternative materials to traditional woods, whether to improve the acoustic efficiency of the instrument or to reduce the use of endangered woods.


Conserver notre héritage artisanal.

Traditional techniques
The legacy
Traditional tools

In order to truly understand the instruments that preceded us, it is essential to know how they were made. That is why several members strive to employ and pass on traditional woodworking techniques. This includes the use of animal glues, the cutting of raw pieces to perfectly orient the grain direction, and the French polishing finishing technique.

It is essential to know the construction techniques developed in recent centuries in order to properly restore and repair ancient instruments. These traditional techniques, such as the use of hot animal glue or French polishing, are also employed in contemporary constructions. The spirit of sharing and communication within the Collective encourages the transmission of knowledge of these techniques so that everyone can use them wisely.

To truly understand wood, the best way to work is with hand tools. That's why several members strive to pass on their passion for tools such as planes, wood chisels, rasps, and other traditionally used tools.

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