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Discover their story and their instruments.

Eve Meister

Jarom Osorio Roldan

Mathieu St-Onge 

atlier de la corde.jpg

I graduated from the Bruand program in 2014 and joined the Luthiers Collective La Corde in 2015. The motivating and vibrant space of the Collective certainly spurred me to begin a manufacturing practice.


Inspired by my work in instrument restoration with Martin Tremblay, I aim to create guitars with a simple and classic style. The use of quality materials allows me to tailor the project to the desires of the musician.

Having worked alternately as a cabinetmaker, retail business manager, and luthier technician at JAM Industries, I have developed several complementary skills and gained solid work experience. Since 2016, I have been fully dedicated to my luthier practice, my clientele, and the refinement of my techniques.


Although I have a soft spot for electric guitars, all stringed instruments fascinate me. Whether it's for manufacturing, modification, repair, or a simple adjustment, I am always ready to open the discussion and take on a challenge!

Mathieu St-Onge is an experienced luthier with a degree in guitar making from the renowned Bruand School, a leading institution in guitar manufacturing in Quebec, Canada. Since 2012, he has been part of the La Corde luthier collective located in Montreal. He offers personalized guitar creation services for musicians seeking high-quality instruments.


The harmonic richness in the guitar's sound is the foundation of his research, and he actively studies various elements that can give the guitar its full potential, such as wood selection, instrument structure, and manufacturing secrets.


Since 2019, he has also been crafting reproductions of ancient instruments, such as the European round lyre and the jouhikko. He is deeply passionate about this field and is ready to take on many challenges to satisfy ambitious musicians, as well as his own ambitions!

Vincent Cléroux

Théo Kazourian

Pierre-A Denat

Luthier montreal setup guitar denat.jpg

I started professionally crafting guitars in 2011 after three years of studying at the Bruand Guitar Making School, where I learned the manufacturing and design of classical and acoustic guitars, as well as basic tool handling techniques.


This was complemented by a diploma of collegiate studies (DEC) in applied arts at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. Subsequently, to deepen my knowledge and gain a solid mastery of design techniques, I worked as an apprentice under Master Luthier Stephen Marchione in Houston, Texas.


He instilled in me a profound love for traditional luthiery techniques and the passion for meticulous and uncompromising work. He also allowed me to refine my dexterity and skills in woodworking. Vincent Cléroux, Luthier at L'atelier

I was born in France in 1984. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in micromechanics and working for several years as a real estate inspector, I decided to take a sabbatical year to travel a bit.


That's how I ended up in Montreal and discovered my love for lutherie... I then enrolled in a 3-year lutherie apprenticeship program with Lutherie-Guitare Bruand on the south shore of Montreal.


During my training, I had the opportunity to join the La Corde luthiers' collective, which allowed me to start developing my clientele, first in repairs and then in custom instrument making.


To this day, I continue to build high-quality guitars in Montreal from my workshop located in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood.

Graduated from the Bruand School and a member of the collective since 2018, I am deeply involved in the development of our workshop.


I offer musicians services for guitar setup, repair, and manufacturing. Through the selection of materials and guided by acoustic research, my work combines tradition and innovation.


What I love about my profession is restoring damaged instruments. I believe that now more than ever, repairing and maintaining instruments should play a major role in our profession, whether it's for the history of the object or for our environment.

Kenny Perry

Christian Piteau

William Parent-Senez

William Parent Senez_Luthier_edited.jpg

Following a training in jazz/pop music where I graduated in electric bass, I discovered an even greater interest in luthiery by wanting to understand how my instrument worked. As time went on, I became more and more eager to build an electric bass by myself. That's why I then turned to luthiery training at the Bruand workshop school where I learned the making of classical and acoustic guitars.


The atmosphere at the La Corde Collective inspires me to constantly push my limits to create the best instruments possible, which I hope will inspire the musicians who play them.

Christian Piteau joined the collective in March 2021. He became a luthier in 2021 following a 24-year career as an architectural technician. He developed a passion for designing and crafting guitars, as well as repairing and modifying instruments. He returned to studies to obtain a DEC in Luthiery and graduated from the Lutherie-Guitare Bruand workshop school with the distinction of first prize in the 2021 cohort.


Due to his experience in his previous field, he collaboratively designs his instruments with his clients. His goal is to guide and support you through all aspects of your dream instrument project. He aims to advise you on choosing the appropriate materials and design for the sound, aesthetics, and playability you seek, tailored to the style of music you play.

My interest in luthiery began at a very young age as this profession lies at the intersection of my love for music and my interest in manual work. At the end of high school, I enrolled in the Guitar Making Art Technique program at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. This program provided me with the tools and knowledge necessary for crafting fine instruments, as well as instilling in me a curiosity to learn more.


As a luthier, my goal is to create guitars that will inspire creativity in those who play them, as this is exactly what I seek as a musician myself. Achieving this goal is not easy, but I consider it crucial to the crafting of quality instruments.

Kim Batault


J'ai développé des compétences manuelles et un goût pour le design lors de mes études à l'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, où j'ai fait partie des studios de son et de sculpture. En parallèle de mes projets artistiques à l'époque, j'ai effectué mon premier stage avec Roger Bruno, un luthier renommé. Il est devenu mon mentor, celui qui m'a transmis sa passion, m'a encouragé à faire de nouvelles découvertes et à explorer les différents domaines gravitant autour de cette vocation.

Après avoir obtenu mon diplôme en Beaux-Arts, c'est au Québec que j'ai poursuivi ma formation avec M. Michel Pellerin. Pendant 5 mois, ma principale préoccupation a été la production de guitares acoustiques.

Par la suite, je me suis inscrit à l'école Bruand de Montréal, pour être formé pendant 3 ans par une équipe de luthiers distingués, tels que René Wilhelmy, Jef Demers, Hugues Lefort, Daniel Fiocco et Dan Kelly... 

Daniel Kelly


Canadian maker of fine handcrafted acoustic, electric and semi-hollow guitars and custom ukuleles since 2001.

Philippe Jetté

Pj-lutherie .jpeg

Mon intérêt pour la lutherie commence très jeune puisque ce métier se trouve à la croisée des chemins entre mon amour pour la musique et mon intérêt pour le travail manuel. À la fin du secondaire, je m’inscris dans le programme de Technique en métier d’art, Lutherie guitare 

du Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. Ce programme m'a offert les outils et les connaissances nécessaires à la fabrication de fins instruments, ainsi que la curiosité d’en apprendre d’avantage.


En tant que luthier, je me donne l’objectif de créer des guitares qui stimuleront la créativité de ceux qui les jouent puisque c’est exactement ce que je recherche en tant que musicien. Cet objectif n’est pas simple à atteindre, mais c’est pour moi primordial à la fabrication d’instruments de qualité.

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