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This modern style bass offers a really wide variety of sound that can satisfy just about anybody. Equipped with an active set of EMG-X jazz pick-ups, it is suited for just about any style of music. Passing from hard rock and metal sound all the way to a funky/groovy slap sound, this bass does it all. The neck has been carved to be really comfortable for long playing session without getting tired. This light weight instrument has been design while keeping in mind every small detail such as : easy access to the high frets, balanced weight to avoid any neck dive, confortable body shape, satin neck to get a smooth feel on the neck, ... 

Basse custom KP

    • Année de fabrication: 2018
    • Type de joint de caisse: Set neck à la 19e frette
    • Corps: Acajou
    • Dessus: Wenge
    • Manche: Acajou
    • Touche: Ébène
    • Plaque de tête: Ébène
    • Incrustation de tête : Nickel
    • Profile de manche: C
    • Largeur de manche au sillet: 1,625 pouce
    • Matériel de sillet: Os
    • Épaisseur 1er frette: 19,9mm
    • Épaisseur 9e frette: 22,2mm
    • Espacement de corde: 0,750 pouce
    • Dimention de frette: Medium Haut
    • Matériel de frette: Acier innoxidable
    • Radius de touche: 12-16 pouces
    • Renfort de manche: Truss rod double action et tige de carbone
    • Pont : Style Gotoh
    • Marqueur de frettes: Marqueur de côté
    • Clefs: Gotoh res-o-lite Chrome
    • Pickguard: Non
    • Pickup: Emg-x Jazz set
    • Configuration d'électronique:Master volume, pick-up blend, bass/treble stack, mid/mid frequency section stack
    • Type de finition: Satin oil finish
    • Grosseur de cordes: 44-106 Ken Smith
    • Longeur de corde: 34 pouces
    • Largeur aux épaules: 260mm
    • Largeur du grand lobe: 350mm
    • Longeur totale: 1140 mm
    • Case: Mono high quality soft case (non inclu)
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